Red Barn Academy is establishing a NEW Family program for the Students, the community, and family members. It is focused on “Changing Behaviors” and providing a safe continuing care plan for the Students to transition back into society. RBA is in the process of constructing new facilities and partnering with The Arbinger Institute [] to develop a training program for interested Family members of the Students and those interested in the Community. More information will be coming as these facilities are completed here next to the RBA Campus.



No matter how much you want to “get your loved one into The Red barn Academy”, they must be the one to ask us for help. We do not accept third-party requests for admissions.   You may contact us with questions and facilitate their transportation, but an individual who is pressured to come in is unlikely to be accepted.  They must show their own commitment in order to be admitted. The Application Process is on this Web Site.

If your loved one is in jail, they may write us and ask for an interview. If your loved one is out of jail, they must come to our campus, sit on our bench and ask for an interview. They need not bring anything except a deep desire to change. If accepted, we will admit them immediately. Step 1 is to have the individual write Red Barn a letter. Step 2 is to have the individual fill out a screening application- this will be sent to the individual once the initial letter is received. Step 3 is to have the individual come to Red Barn for an interview.


A helpful family member can facilitate the loved one’s admission to the Academy by adhering to our procedure.  Please know that any variance from our procedure may jeopardize the candidate’s admission. After our interview process is complete, we shall notify the family member of our decision to either admission or decline to admit the candidate.

If your loved one has received a letter of acceptance from The Red Barn Academy after their jail interview, they may proceed to the Academy for their second interview. No recollections of comments or promises from the jail interview will substitute for the letter.  After the candidate receives the letter and upon release from jail, they must report directly and immediately to The Red Barn Academy. If the candidate fails to report immediately to the Academy upon release, we are likely to reject them when they arrive.

Once the candidate arrives at The Red Barn Academy, they sit on the "bench", we interview them a second time.  If the candidate is late, dishonest, or has experienced significantly changed circumstances since the jail interview, they may be denied admission. At this time, all outstanding legal charges should be resolved.


For the first 90+ days, our students need to connect with their fellow students and orient themselves to the routine of The Red Barn Academy. Accordingly, we limit all outside distractions. Students’ sole focus must be on changing their lives.  Solving problems or maintaining relationships with those outside The Red Barn  Academy is better accomplished when the student graduates from the Academy with the skills necessary to navigate a successful, productive life.


After 90+  days (AND positive behavior) of successful participation, a student may be able to write to and receive letters from one approved family member. All correspondence will be monitored to ensure appropriate and healthy communication for the student.

We ask approved family members communicating with a student to follow these guidelines:

  • Focus on the now and the future. Students are not permitted to glorify or reminisce about their histories. Please keep communication positive and avoid attempting to resolve past conflicts.

  • Do not ask them to come home early. If you love them, you will encourage them to complete their two-year stay. Anything you say to feed their impatience to be done more quickly will undermine their growth.

  • Avoid discussing how much kids, spouse or parents need them. If you want your loved one to return and be healthy, let them heal.

  • Don’t send pictures. Pictures are appropriate after some time in the Academy, but too difficult to cope with emotionally at first.

Phone Calls

After 3+ months (AND positive behavior) of demonstrated progress, and approval from the Director, a progressing student may place one 15-minute phone call once a month to the approved immediate family member. Again, this communication will be monitored. Students may earn the privilege of increasing the frequency of phone calls with time and continued progress.

In-House Family Visits

After 9+ months (AND positive behavior) the student may earn the privilege of an on-site monitored visit from up to four family members. Invited family members must be cleared with The Red Barn Academy faculty prior to arrival. Please do not bring any gifts, money, pictures or anything to leave with the student. We ask visitors to carefully adhere to the communication guidelines above. All visitors will be screened at the door and asked to leave ALL personal belongings at home or in their respective cars.

Contact with Children

After 18 months, a student may request contact with children. If approved, the student may call, write and/or schedule a visit for their kids.  “Kid’s Day” is the last Sunday of every month. Visits may include games and activities.


Contact with Spouse

After 18 months, the student may be granted permission to communicate with their spouse (or significant other). If approved, the student may write, call or schedule an in-house visit.

Home Visit

After 18 months, the student may apply for a home visit at the home of the student’s primary caregiver. This visit will be chaperoned by another member of our community. Students are not permitted to see their spouse, significant other, children, or old friends.
The above time frames are guidelines, not commitments for familial communication. Loss of contact with your loved one can be difficult. However, ongoing destructive habits are more difficult. Please faithfully respect our communication rules and support the student to focus entirely on this healing process. Please trust that their long-term welfare is our highest concern and make it yours as well.

Reading List - The following is an approved reading list for the Families

  1. “The Gifts of Imperfection” – Brene Brown

  2. “Leadership & Self Deception” – Arbinger Group

  3.  “Failing Forward” – John Maxell

  4. “Power of Now” – Echart Tolle

  5. “Outward Mindset” – Arbinger

  6. “Crucial Conversations” – Joseph Grenny

  7. “Crucial Accountability” – J. Grenny

  8. “Anatomy of Peace” – Arbinger Institute

  9.  “Power Thoughts” – Daily thoughts for wining the battle of the Mind

  10. “It’s Not about Me” – Max Lucado

  11. “My Personal Best” – John Wooden

  12. “The Four Agreements” – Miguel Ruiz

  13. “Horton Hears a Who” -  Seuss

  14. “My Life Behind the Spiral” -  Steve Young & Jeff Benedict

  15. “Mans Search for Meaning” – Frankl

  16. “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” – S. Covey

  17. “As a Man Thinketh” – Allen

  18. “Green Eggs and Ham” – Seuss

  19. “The Seven Paths of the Anasazi Way” – The Anasazi Foundation

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