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At Red Barn Academy, our mission is to provide the most cost-effective, life changing experience through hard work, discipline, and integrity. Red Barn Academy is modeled after other therapeutic communities such as the Delancey Street Foundation. We focus on life from the farm perspective. Animals, Jobs, and Education are just a few of our elements that create real life changes in order for us to be contributing members of society.



Hard work on the farm produces satisfaction.  With animals, in our gardens or around our campus growth and fulfillment is found.  We believe to be in motion allows discovery in self confidence and development.   We move our bodies and minds to return to our roots.




Our job and career mentorship means we develop students and guide them in careers.  We have close relationships with major business partners and strive to place students in meaningful jobs.  Davis Tech College (DTC) is at our back door and we strive to replace addiction with careers.  Rebuilding a life means finding oneself in good work.  DTC provides 32 career paths.  We coach, guide and assist those finding a new way to live.




Life Skills involves the entire person.  In life-skills workshops students find their strengths and build on those things they are fond of.  Future goals are set and  present concerns and issues are explored and tended to as our student moves down their path.




We believe "as we get outside of our own box" we find ourselves and gain new love and growth from within.  Understanding oneself can often only be discovered in service to others which expects nothing in return.



Michael Haws


Mike Haws is  Co-Founder and visionary of Red Barn Farms, a non-profit public charity located in Farmington Utah.  He has been instrumental in the creation and implementation of Red Barn Academy. Red Barn Academy is a residential multi-year vocational training program. Mike received his Bachelor's Degree of Science in Marketing from Utah State University in 2000 and completed the Advanced Substance Use Disorder program at the University of Utah in 2014 (ASUDC).  He also worked as a case manager for Davis Behavioral Health from 2014 to 2017. As a person in long term recovery, He believes a successful life is developed by correcting unhealthy behaviors.  He leads by example teaching the Red Barn Academy students the importance of Integrity, Discipline and Service to others. 




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